Contemporary Asian Art

The Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, CA (one of the largest and leading Asian Art museums in the country), has developed an effective strategy to keep funded. The museum is getting assistance from large corporations like AT&T, American Express, General Electric and even Macy’s.

Asian art includes the artistic production of many cultures of Asia. It is the biggest continent in the planet and has hosted a large variety of culturally rich civilizations since ancient times. The legacy of this different societies and their culture are now more available thanks to modern communication. Asian art from the past and contemporary Asian art have an important influence in modern life and culture.

What is contemporary art? Contemporary art is usually defined as the art production since World War II to date. There are several exhibitions of contemporary art and contemporary Asian art belonging to art galleries, private collectors, corporations, contemporary art museums and various art organizations. Contemporary Asian art is usually supported by grants, awards and prizes given to artists. Some artists manage to sale their work for millions of dollars.

Several Chinese art pieces are one of the most antique and valued art productions. Ancient Chinese art examples like pottery and sculptures have being dated at 10 000BC. Chinese porcelain is one of the finest in the world for its high quality. Chinese contemporary art sometimes referred as avant-garde Chinese art, is developing specially since 1980. It incorporates every art form including painting, film, photography, performance, music, architecture, contemporary wall art and of course the characteristic Chinese ink painting and calligraphy.

Because of the political situation in China, some Chinese contemporary art exhibitions are considered controversial and are shut down by the police. Chinese contemporary art production is becoming very valued today, with pieces acquiring very high prices. For example the Chinese artist Yue Minjun sold his art piece Execution in US $5.9 million, on 2007.

The Art Market in China is one of the hottest and more active today. It includes ancient art and contemporary artistic productions, that are valued all around the world. China is considered to be the third largest art market in the world, after the United States and the United Kingdom.

Japanese art is also very popular today and counts with a generous historic and cultural background. Some of the most impressive Japanese art forms include sculptures, ancient pottery, ink painting and calligraphy. Japanese contemporary art have also produced very important modern art achieving a lot of popularity, specially manga and cartoons.

The Japanese culture is used to be invaded by foreign ideas. Japanese are used to absorb foreign cultural influences, and assimilate them in their own tradition. Japanese art is characterized by the use of polarities, between exuberance and simplicity. There are many important art schools that fuel the important artistic production that characterizes Japanese modern art.

Thai Contemporary Art, Balinese Art, Indian Art, and Korean Art, have also a very important and valued artistic culture. Learn more about them here at Get immersed in the infinite world of Asian artistic creativity.