Asian Art Contributors

We live in a world where, for better or worse, art (Asian art is no exception) depends heavily on contributions and donations from private third parties or simple enthusiasts, can all be an art contributor. The funds donated by different sources are used to maintain and upkeep galleries, exhibits, museums and art pieces. Some of these art exhibits receive public funding, but the most important capital, on which their existence is almost cemented is on private funding from charity organizations, personal donations and large corporations contributions. The latter, of course, are the largest and the ones that help keep these museums open to the public.

The Asian Art Museum in San Francisco, CA (one of the largest and leading Asian Art museums in the country), has developed a very singular and interesting way to keep funded. They have a program where a donations can be made by everyday people, if they work for one of the many corporations listed, above 70 in total (with some of the World’s largest corporations listed), the employer will then “match” the contribution with an equal or even higher amount. Companies like AT&T, American Express, General Electric and Macy’s are on the list.

If you are interested in contributing or donating to this museum consult with your human resources department and verify if your company is listed in this program. Either way any form of donation is welcomed and will be well utilized. Also by donating you will be entitled for a membership and special invitations to events hosted by the museum exclusively for members only.

Every Art museum in the world might require donations and thy will all appreciate your contribution, if you can’t donate to the Asian Art Museum we invite you to place your donation on one of the many art museums in the country, help preserve Art!