Asian Art World

Although their history of art goes back as far as any other area of the world, Asian art was largely given a backseat in the art world until only recently. In the past decades, more attention has been given Chinese artists and other nationalities as they have moved away from the traditional arts and started working on contemporary art pieces that are some of the best in the world. With the growing interest in Asian art, new exhibitions in New York, London, and other important cities are generating record numbers of visitors.

In particular, Chinese artists are gaining more recognition for their works. With many new exhibitions being shut down by the government, a strange situation has been created where the works of important Chinese artists have grown tremendously in value. One example is the contemporary art piece called Execution by Yue Minjun that sold at auction for almost $6 million. To learn more about Asian art, Internet resources and websites are proving to be the authoritative voice on the subject, chronicling the new exhibitions and uploading pictures of successful showings. These postings are becoming routine stops for art industry experts and collectors that are continuously looking for the next big thing that will emerge from Asian countries.