Asian Contemporary Art in New York

Asian contemporary art in New York has create a positive impact on the contemporary art of New York state. The Contemporary art of New York is the type of art that was produced since World War II or at this present point of time. New York city has a variety of contemporary art galleries which provide artworks. The majority of galleries features contemporary artworks by very known artists.

A Contemporary art gallery is a place were they exhibit this type of art. They have contemporary art for exhibition and for sale. An art gallery is a term also used to refer an art museum. In this galleries you will find paintings, fine art, prints, sculpture, vintage art posters, photography art, glass and other types of visual arts.

Some New York art galleries charged its artists a flat cost per week and day for the exhibitions of its artworks. New york city has an annual art fair dedicated to the Asian art called The Asian Contemporary Art Fair of New York. This art fair features over 80 galleries from 15 countries. This important event is highly anticipated because of the worldwide appeal and significance it has gained. The first Asian art fair was held on November 8 of 2007. The first sponsor for this art fair was the Korean engineer company called HNC. This important art fair provides special opportunities for an open dialogue with artists of the art world. This provides better opportunities for local artists.

The Carlson Rochell Asian Art is a gallery that specializes in paintings, sculptures and decorative artworks from Asia. This gallery has handled and staged several important artworks. The Carlson Rochell Asian Art gallery is located in New York city. It was founded in October 2002. The Asian contemporary art in New York has open new goals for U.S artists.