Burmese Contemporary Art

Contemporary arts are nowadays subjects of great interest for many individuals and yet, each country or better said artists in each country have their own way of seeing and creating art. Contemporary art is of course influenced by the artists own culture and the traditions that have been transferred to his creativity and imagination by the environment in which he lives. That is why it is worth to examine closer the different contemporary arts from different part of the world. Here one can read more about the Burmese contemporary art and how this art developed along the time.

Burma is a country in Southeast Asia, also known as Myanmar, and which has been isolated from the rest of the world and especially in the region for the last four decades. The main religion in this country is Buddhism and the roots in this belief are considered quite deep and specialists agree that this has been influencing the contemporary art scene in this country. The art is often used to reflect religious and socio-politic situations that are unique to Burma. One special thing about the Burmese contemporary art is that due to the isolation of the country, the art has developed in its own terms.

The western painting style was brought to Burma by Ba Nyan and Ngwe Gaing who have combined western painting techniques with the Burmese unique characteristics and developed a new style of contemporary art. One of the best known and recognized masters of Burmese painting is Lun Gywe. He is widely known for being fond of colors and he likes most having beautiful women as muses. His style has been described as primarily impressionistic. Another well known artist is Aung Kyaw Htet who has lived in a small village and who is a devoted Buddhist. Both these things are stringently reflected in his work.