Contemporary Chinese Art

Chinese art is a major part of Chinese culture and their history. Some types of this art even date back to the stone age or 10,000 BC. Chinese art is very popular not only in China but all over the world. Calligraphy originated in China it is also referred to as the purest form of painting. Calligraphy is a form of Chinese art that dates way back as well. Chinese avant-garde art is also known as contemporary Chinese art, it is more recent arriving mainly in the late 1980s. Chinese contemporary art is not only painting, but film, photography and dance as well. As the beginning of Chinese contemporary art movement, it not only developed a new style but a whole new world of Chinese art. New artists came along and redeveloped Chinese art or definitely modernized it and took it in a slightly new direction. The market for Chinese art has always been one of the largest, everyone wants to purchase these pieces contemporary or not. China is the world’s second largest producer of all kinds of art, right behind the United States. Art is big business as well, seeing as one painting sold for a cool 2.3 million a few years back. Some of these particular pieces can go for quite a lot of money whereas others aren’t quite as pricey. Contemporary wall art is definitely on the rise, everyone wants those art deco avant garde type of pieces. Not only do contemporary wall art pieces spark conversations but they also bring a little more depth and culture into your home. Contemporary wall art can range greatly in price between a hundred dollars or a few thousand, it all depends on the who’s the artist, where you are purchasing it from and how big it is. Contemporary wall art can definitely bring a little personality to your home.