Contemporary Modern Art

There is no actual consensus regarding the definition of contemporary art. Some say that the term describes art produced at this present point in time but other specialists and in particular museums or art galleries use the term contemporary modern art to describe collections that have been produced ever since the Second World War. Many would however argue in favor of the first situation mostly as a result of the term ‘contemporary’, yet often museums of contemporary art define their collections as consisting of art produced sin the Second World War. On this website individuals can read more about contemporary art and how art can vary depending on the place of the world where the artist has been born or has lived. Moreover, one can read more about how culture and traditions shape art and consequently they can read more about Thai contemporary art, Burmese contemporary art and Korean contemporary art among others.

Contemporary art is generally exhibited and thus can be admired in commercial contemporary art galleries where private collectors, as well as corporations or publicly funded arts organizations may gather various collections and agree to reveal them to the public. At the same time, artists themselves may organize exhibits in artist-run spaces. Commonly, they and their exhibitions are supported by grants and prizes and sometimes by the revenue produced by the direct sales of their work.

In what the public opinion is concerned there are voices saying that there is a gap between contemporary art and its viewers. It has been argued that contemporary art does not manage to link itself to a public that does not feel that art or does not understand or agree to its values. For instance, in the UK in the 1990s contemporary art became part of the popular culture and contemporary artists became very popular individuals. Yet, this did not lead to the cultural utopia that everyone was awaiting for. Yet, art remains valuable for those who create but also for those who enjoy it, although this may take a while to be realized.