Indian Art Exhibits

Art takes many forms and making art or learning how to make art is a process that anyone can be good at because of the many ways there are of expressing an idea. Learning how to make art is also a process that doesn’t take much effort because anything can be considered great to the right beholder. When it comes to Indian art, many of the works are seen as great by many of the world from a traditional standpoint as well as with their contemporary art. The earliest Indian art dates back to the times of prehistory with cave paintings found in areas of Indian such as Bhimbetka. Some of the Indian art exhibits even have paintings that date back to around 5500 BC. The arts in India are a major part of the Indian culture and tradition especially when it comes to Hinduism, the religion of much of India. Indian art is popular in much of the world to the point that many people in America want to know how to make art like the people of India, but the same is also true of America in regards to Indian desire to learn.

Indian art has taken a very modern turn in recent years starting after 1947 when the country became an independent one. The Progressive Artist Group in India has had a great influence in changing the way that many Indian artists create their art. The traditional art of India is heavily influenced by the Indian culture and religion and this aspect of Indian art is still alive today. The economic boom that India experienced around 1990 made it so that art has become a big industry in India and has expanded to include all genres but tradition and the Indian culture play a big factor in what art is created in India as well as the public response to what is created.