Japanese Art Exhibits

There are many different art styles in the world that each may incorporate a certain style and tradition depending on what region or country you are in. Japanese art is no different in that the Japanese artists that frequent Japanese art exhibits as well as art exhibits all over the world often bring a unique styling to the table. There are many different forms of Japanese art that are called by different names in Japan and some of these art forms are seen by many as unique to the Japanese people such as Kabuki the traditional art of theatre in Japan. In this form of theatre the stage that the performers use incorporates many different compartments specially made for the characters and the characters that perform on stage have their faces painted throughout the performance in a manner that allows the audience to easily distinguish their roles (red for the hero and black for the villain). Japanese poetry is also a major art form in Japan and many art projects and theatre productions incorporate poetry in Japan.

One of the most distinguished arts in Japan is the Bunraku theatre performances that occur in Japan. This art of puppet theater is very popular all around the world and many people who learn how to make art such as Bunraku theatre perform for public events and for friends in America. Bunraku is a unique form of Puppet Theater that uses three puppeteers who have a variety of jobs. The omazukai moves the puppet’s right hand, arm and also the puppet’s facial expressions. The hidrizukai controls the puppet’s left arm and hand and the ashizukai is the puppeteer that controls anything the puppet uses as a prop in the play. This is a very entertaining form of Japanese art that can be fun for the whole family to enjoy.