Korean Contemporary Art

Modern contemporary arts are now coming into attention of the public more than ever. People start enjoying and appreciating contemporary arts because of their ability to combine the past and the present and because of their unique characteristics that result through its own evolution. Contemporary art has its own way to reach those who get to watch it and each artist has a different way to express his feelings. It is widely known that one’s culture and traditions get to influence the ways in which artists choose to express themselves. Therefore, one should learn more about specific countries and different cultures in order to be able to fully understand what artists are trying to transmit through their art.

Korean contemporary art is one special case because of its peculiar location on the globe. Specialists have believed that Korean contemporary art has been for a long time overshadowed by the Chinese contemporary art. Many individuals interested in art would not make a difference between Korean and Chinese contemporary art. As a result they would end up collecting all sorts of Chinese things that they would be interested in as art. However, the price of Chinese art has been increasing and this has led to a significant increase in the popularity of Korean contemporary art which is whatsoever unique and which can be purchased for more accessible prices.

Korean contemporary art has been slowly introduced in Asian contemporary art sales even since 2004. In 2007 the Korean artists have however been able to really start taking off as their art has become more and more accessible at auctions. Moreover, various Korean art galleries have been increasing their international activity and they started increasing their presence at international fairs. One may say that it was about time that Korean contemporary art would become acknowledged by the rest of the world.