Press Release

Art is a wonderful mode of expression for many people who like to create and share their creations with the world. Artists use many different means to gain exposure for their art such as putting there art in art galleries and art showcases all over the world in many instances. When it comes to putting your own personal art on display for the world to see it may be a good idea to create a press release for your artwork after creation. If you are an artist you may need to learn how to write a press release in order to expose your art and get their names and works out there on the open market. This can help get potential buyers of your artwork. Press releases are commonly done by businesses, actors and musicians in order to inform the public of events or activities that they want the public involved in but in the case of artists, press releases may be a great way to help inform people of your art and showcases of your art.

Writing a press release is similar to writing a news report in 3rd person and it often is centered around a person or event of interest that the person or company may think is news worthy. The press release that an artist sends out to the public can be done and sent in a variety of ways. Many examples of press release formats are available online but there are some simple things that you can take into consideration when writing yours. The heading of your press release should have the logo or signature of the artist or the company an artist represents on it as well as the name and contact information of the artist that the press release is about. Though this format can vary in the way it is presented it is important that you include all the relevant information about yourself and your art that you can in your press release.