Religion and Art

Religion in art can take many forms such as paintings and sculptures but all Christian religious art has the aspect of depicting some principle about Christianity. Many artists in Medieval times would make use of religion in art to tell a message of creation or to relate a passage from the bible to people who could not read the book themselves. Christian religious art is also depicted in many churches around the world for the same purpose and often this art is done on a grand scale. Many famous artist have taken part in the making of religious art and were commissioned by churches and even kings to do so. The Sistine chapel is an example of religious art done on a grand scale by a well known artist who was commissioned by the church to do the art work. Images of Jesus and the Virgin Mary are well known images throughout the Christian religious art world and account for numerous pieces of art around the world. Of the three major related religions of Islam, Judaism and Christianity, Christianity uses the most images in the churches designated to this religion and the images used are the most widespread among the western world.

Early religious art in the Christian world is very old and some paintings have been dated to around the year 70. In the earliest years of Christian art the Romans were the main group who used this art in their society. Many paintings that are religious in nature came from Rome as well as much of the art from medieval times in London. These paintings were often made to depict scenes from the bible but were also used for worship and spiritual reasons, not until recently has the religion and art movement been designated for appreciation of religious art instead of worship and one can find much art for sale online for this purpose.