Thai Contemporary Art

Modern contemporary art is one of the types of art that seem to grasp more and more the attention of the public. Contemporary art is a unique for of art which has developed and which has evolved along the time and this is why people enjoy watching it and learning about it. Contemporary arts are also arts that have transformed most in time and one of these is the Thai contemporary art. Read and find out more interesting information about contemporary art in Thailand.

Thailand and its arts are famous for encompassing some of the most diverse and versatile art styles in Southeast Asia. Thailand is one of the countries that are well appreciated for its contribution to contemporary art in general especially as a result of its international and liberal outlook and particularly because of its lack of censorship. Unlike artists in neighboring countries or regions, Thai artists have had the freedom to express themselves through their art without being censored.

Prof Silpa Bhirasri was the Thai artist who brought modern painting as it is known in the western parts of the world. By this time, Thai artists start expressing themselves in various ways using installations, prints, video art, photographs, and performance art. A unique characteristic of the Thai contemporary art is that it combines the traditional Thai elements in art with modern techniques. Classical artists such as Chakrapan Posayakrit, Chalermchai Kositpipat and Tawan Dachanee have all combined classic techniques with modern ones and have managed to create unique Thai art.

Ever since 2003, Thailand and the Thai contemporary art have been participating in the Venice Biennale. The project managed to put Thailand on the art map by proposing interesting works and artists to Documenta. Documenta is organized every 5 years in Germany and in 2007 two Thai artists have participated in.