Art in Turkey

The country of Turkey has a long history of traditional art forms including weaving and embroidery which make it a destination spot for many artists and art lovers. The country of Turkey is well known for its embroiderers as well as for the wonderful culture of Turkey. The art of embroidery is still very popular in Turkey despite the rise in technology and of cheap methods of making embroidered goods. Many house wives and older women still embroider in their homes and sell their products in the open market in the culture of Turkey. The Turkish Arts span to more than just embroidery however. Many websites and art galleries offline have many Turkish paintings for sale to the general public. Turkish artwork is often a representation of the culture of Turkey and the religious sentiments of the artists of Turkey. Turkish painting incorporating a western style is a relatively young art form compared with many other parts of the world and has only been around since the 19th century with the founding of the Academy of Fine Arts by Osman Hamdi Bey.

With the incorporation of the Academy of Fine Arts into the culture of turkey painters were influenced to study other styles. Though art in Turkey was traditionally created with Turkish ideals in mind until that point, after the academy was established Turkish artists flocked to other areas of the world and soaked up the knowledge and cultures of various different countries. Many painters in the 19th century were sent to France and Italy to study the arts and many Italian and French painters also went to Turkey in order to learn about Turkish arts. In the early 20th century many different styles and movements exploded on to the scene in Turkey among these are the impressionist movement and the cubist movement.